A classic stands the test of time. There is a sense of history but also a relevance that comes from knowing how to appeal to generation after generation. In our industry, relevance requires brands to be “in touch" with tastes and behaviors, but also the creativity and spark to start trends. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2017 Manhattan Cocktail Classic, which celebrates History and Innovation, in the city where trends are set amidst a rich history – New York! - James Moreland
The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is regarded as the premier spirits arena, celebrating the creation of cocktails and the master innovators behind them. It is also a home for the epicurean culture that nurtures and supports brands, leading chefs and the people who work diligently in the industry. Whether you’re a consumer or part of the industry.... Whether you want a memorable experience or the opportunity to make a lasting impression....This year’s enhanced MCC Festival offers a week’s worth of activities that include: Manhattan Cocktail Classic 2017 Festival Map