Suntory Japanese BBQ and Cocktails... Celebration of Spring!
Event Date: 05/13/2012, 4:00 pm

with Gardner Dunn and Neyah White, Brand Ambassadors

In Japan, the end of April and beginning of May are full of holidays. So many in fact, this time is referred to as Golden Week. Traditionally, the last day of the Golden Week is the beginning of spring and in Japanese traditional spirit spending the day flying decorative kites. In this spirit, Summit Bar and Suntory are pleased to present Tako Matsuri, our very own Japanese Kite Festival. Yes it may be mostly indoors, but we can still go Tako-Kichi (kite-crazy... yes, that is a real term) together and share in the Art of Japanese Whisky. We will feature the familiar whisky's Yamazaki and Hibiki of course, but this is also a chance to get to know our newest addition to the US line-up, the Hakushu.

- We will feature a blending station where you will be able blend and take home your own personal bottle of Hakushu 12 year.

- Greg Seider will be featuring his award winning cocktails including a barrel aged secret cocktail. We are bringing back the Highball, a refreshing way to a spring day.

- Japanese Ice station. There will be a portion of the night where we will break out the chainsaw and knives.

- Marc Spitser (executive chef Bond ST.) will prepare his take on Yakitori BBQ using Yamazaki Sherry cask charcoal.

- Kimiko Masuda will be spinning like no one else could all night.

We can all feel young at heart especially we drinking Suntory whisky. Please come help us enjoy spring and Suntory whisky's. Please drink responsibly.

Sunday, May 13, 4:00pm - 7:00pm
The Summit Bar, 133 Avenue C between 8th and 9th Streets

Must be 21 or older - please be prepared to present a valid photo ID.

Sponsored by Suntory

***The Behind the Bar seminar series is co-presented by AskMen***